We have all read about the compound effect, right?
Getting 1% better every day for 365 days would land you at ~40x growth!

Let's break it down:
1. 1% above is the factor by which you are pushing your limits.
2. 365 denotes your consistency level.
And the combination of the above is what creates magic.

Most people put more focus on consistency but don't follow a structured plan to increase their limits. Consistency won't help if you don't push your limits. You WILL plateau!! 1^n remains 1 only. Here's where comes in..

F.A.Q. (not really)

Q. How is this going to help me?
A. I'll provide you the necessary tools to break your mental barriers and push you forward towards your goals in life.

Q. Why should I listen to you?
A. Well, here's the thing. These efforts have helped me move forward in life, viz.
1. From couch to running several 5k marathons
2. From being terrified of public speaking to delivering a talk at a conference
3. From being a noob at Open Source to getting at the top of GitHub trending list!
I want to share my learnings and build a community that pushes each other’s limits.

I get it that you're skeptical; I would be too! But since it's free so why not give it a try? 🤷♂️

Q. Is this a free service?
A. This is absolutely free until Dec 31st, 2018.

Q. Why is this free?
A. I'm also working on, which aims to complement this. It makes more sense to set the pricing model of the two together! So, this service is free until then.

Q. Would you do more live streams?
A. I don't know! If it's something you'd like, feel free to DM me on Twitter.

Q. Does the "Rest In Peace" refer to The Undertaker?