What is this site all about?

Exploration and seemingly endless questions


There seem to be countless forces in the world pulling you in countless directions. Some of these are trying to take you to places you might want to go, while others not so much. I’d say many, probably even the majority of these forces are unconscious but some of them are also probably intentionally selfish and destructive to many of the things we do not want destroyed.
To me it seems that one of the very best and most fundamental things we can do to guide the course of events on this planet (and where ever humans might go in the future) through this jungle of more or less conflicting forces, is to become wise about life and especially ourselves.
We can and should recognize the forces affecting us, while guiding our own force to shape the world toward it’s ideal state!

My goal is to understand and learn to operate myself and the rest of reality as well as possible, to empower you and me to customize our internal operating systems and guide our evolution towards the highest wellbeing of life itself.

I work to identify, expand and even dissolve the more or less imaginary limitations that restrain our potential.
Such restraints can, for example, come in the form of norms, taboos, identities, beliefs and world-views. They can push us to follow pre-determined paths through life.
These limited ways of being (not all of which necessarily undesireable) are largely enforced by social feedback, but ultimately the decisions whether or not to integrate these scripts and codes into our being lies in our own hands.
These decisions often happen unnoticed.
I am advocating taking them under conscious control, and that already accepted scripts are re-examined and the undesired ones removed.

This website offers introduction to ideas, tools and perspectives I find valuable, as well as an opportunity to form synergistic connections with other organisms that may be reading this.
It will also include more journal-like documentation of my growth process, and possibly very stream-of-consciousness -type freestyle writing.

I hope you find something of value here! <3

You can contact me at jack@limits.rip
or by commenting on this website.