Alphabetical list of some of the terms and metaphors I have used throughout this site:

  • Neurodiversity
    refers to the (neurologically) diverse spectrum of human beings that we are. De-emphasizes a diagnostic “disorder” (something wrong) -perspective and empowers by reminding that someone diagnosed with for example “autism spectrum disorder” will (just like any other individual) be neurologically “wired” for different aspects of life than someone else and so we each have our individual strengths and challenges. So called ‘competence’ is context-dependent.
    To me the term ‘neurodiversity’ advocates recognizing and supporting people’s individual needs as well as possibilities.
    See also: Gardner’s Theory of multiple intelligences
  • Operating system
    Used as a metaphor for ones mental environment. Much like a computer’s operating system determines the framework for its operation.
    It includes settings (beliefs, thought patterns…) that shape the experience (of being alive / using the computer).

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