Let’s GROW UP! (integral theory, part 1)

We all have a part of the truth.
An integral perspective puts it together.

Ken Wilber’s Integral theory offers a comprehensive look into human growth; it’s different levels across multiple lines of development (“multiple intelligences”) and discusses what kind of worldviews, beliefs and action occur at each of these levels.

We develop from egocentric (me-only) perspective through ethnocentric (me and my group) toward ever higher levels of inclusivity.

Our current level of development dictates for example who we can emphatize with (me-only, my group, all humanity or all life), which perspective(s) we are able to take and whom we consider worthy of compassion, love and basic rights.

Sadly we are still largely in ethnocentric (“me and my group only” “us vs them”) modes thinking that my (our) worldview is the only correct one and other views (and even the people holding them) have no value, are wrong or just stupid.

War and violence breed on the lower levels where we can’t yet emphatize with “the other” and end up fighting it and Ourself.

Thus it is of very high importance that we collectively can reach atleast a world-centric level in atleast our moral development. We have tasted it and it more or less ended slavery as we decided that we should have universal human rights. We need to take it further to make sure these rights happen in actual day-to-day life everywhere and to extend those basic rights, compassion and love to every living being.

Our institution such as the educational and religious organizations should focus on guiding the masses through these levels and help us collectively broaden our perspective.

An organism at war with itself can’t do well.

Integral operating system goes way deeper than this, we have just scratched the surface with this very brief introduction. I most warmly suggest you to continue your explorations with this more comprehensive but still introductory talk by the being behind the theory: Introduction to Integral theory by Ken Wilber

We need to embrace “the other”.

Dive deep <3 Remember to breathe

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